How YOU can help your community on Oct 28th

As I type this post, my mind is clouded by all of the tragedy taking place in our society. Some of this is the natural process of the world doing what it does, yet still, some is the small fraction of evildoers in this world, trying to convince us that people are inherently evil.

I refuse to believe that and you should as well.

Evil is not born, its learned. Taught to children of young ages who have yet to realize the difference between good and bad. This, my friends, is how we fight evil in our world, through the innocent at heart.

Foster children posses the softest of spots in my heart. I had the good fortune of having a stable and loving childhood, complete with two loving parents and friends to support me. Some children, through no fault of their own, do not get to have that experience and THAT, my friends, is the greatest tragedy of all.

Not all is lost, however! Organizations like Eckerd Raising Hope are there to pick up the pieces that sub par parents and difficult situations have left behind. They ensure children from infancy to teenage years have clothes, school supplies, shoes and other items that help instill some normalcy back in the children’s lives while in the transitional phase.

Flash back to the summer of 2016. I was looking for a new organization to associate with the Tampa Bay Strongman Classic. I decided I wanted to work with an organization that supports local children, but I had no idea where to start. A happenstance meeting with Mrs. Kelly Bostick, the director of the Raising Hope chapter of Eckerd Kids, led me to a tour of their facility. At the time, my youngest daughter had just turned 3. While touring the facility, a toddler, no older than my daughter came through to receive some clothes, as she had just been displaced from her unfit home. Being a tough, combat veteran, It took everything I had to keep the tears from rolling when I saw the blank stare on that little girls face. She wasn’t afraid, she wasn’t excited.

She had seen far too much in her short time on this planet.

After losing it in the parking lot, I decided right there that I was going to work with this organization and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish so far. This year, I want to make it even better and I need your help!!

Please bring (brand new) Shoes, socks, underwear and (gentle used or new) children’s clothing to the event this year in lei of any entry fee to watch the show. The good people of Quaker Steak and Lube, Clearwater allow us to put this event on for free each year, and we only ask that you bring a donation to help clothe the foster children of the bay area. We will also have custom “Hero Medals” for those who wish to donate cash to the program. You can be a walk a way a winner even if you’re not competing!

Please share this post and lets help bring a little joy to this world, in a time where darkness is trying to cover us in sadness.

Welcome back ROMAN & ROMAN, P.A.

Fun Fact: I’m a HUGE history nerd!

In order to be a part of something, you NEED to understand and appreciate the history behind the entity. With that said, enjoy a little history lesson behind the Tampa Bay Strongman Classic.

I returned from Iraq in November of 2011. I was slated to stay overseas for 6 months longer, but due to a death in the family and the fact that the U.S. was exiting the country of Iraq in December 2011, I returned to my family early. When I returned, I immediately began training for a strongman show again. In February of 2012, I approached the attorneys of ROMAN & ROMAN, P.A. about putting on a premier strength athletics event in the Tampa Bay area. They were on board and shortly there after, the inaugural Tampa Bay Strongman Classic was born. Since then, we’ve put on 4 VERY successful TBSMC’s and is considered by many to be the biggest and best strongman event in the southeast.

This couldn’t have happened without the support from my faithful sponsors throughout the years, and none more influential than ROMAN & ROMAN, P.A.

If you’re a veteran of the show, you’re probably wondering what happened last year and I would be foolish not to address that thought. Simply put, a difference in opinions on the sanctioning body lead to a temporary separation of the show from the law firm. With that said, senior attorney Tom Roman and I have agreed that unity is best for the sport in Florida and have agreed to put any misunderstandings to bed and move forward together, for the sake of the athletes and the sanctity of the sport.

We’re glad to be working together again and I feel that athletes will be the REAL winners from this reunion of resources and experience.

Tom and his staff will be on site again this year with their large tent and staff. When you see them out there, be sure to stop by and thank them for supporting strongman, the promoters and most importantly, the athletes.    -Donnie


Registration Policy for 2016

In previous years, the TBSMC has had a strict deadline that was unforgiving. If you didn’t get your entry in on time, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help you.

Last yea, and again this year, I’ve implemented a new policy. Instead of mild threats of losing the ability to compete, I’m using the wallet as a motivator. The early registration deadline is Sept, 18th. Until then, the entry fee is $80. On Sept 19 at 12:01AM, the price will increase to $100. That price will be good until Wednesday Oct 12. After that, until the day before the show, the price will be $120 and a shirt/competitor bag is not guaranteed

Finally, if you feel you would like to wait until the day of the event to enter, NO PROBLEM. That will be $125 (cash) and, once again, you aren’t guaranteed a competitor’s bag, with approximately $60-80 worth of SWAG and product from our sponsors.

So, it’s up to you to decide how much you’d like to pay to compete in the nationally renown Tampa Bay Strongman Classic.

The entry form will be live this week, but if you wish to reserve your spot, you can enter via PayPal now and fill out your entry form when it’s released.

The 5th Tampa Bay Strongman Classic is HERE!

5 years ago tomorrow, athletes were weighing in for a new, exciting concept of strongman shows in Florida. No longer were athletes competing in a backyard park or a strip mall parking lot like previous events. No, now athletes had a stage to shine on… literally.

This year, the anticipated Strongman show of the year in Florida is back and nothing has changed.

  • Same great venue with a large competition area and good food/drink for athletes and audience alike.
  • Carefully chosen events that excite both athlete and crowd
  • Huge sponsors adding value to the show
  • Hundreds, even thousands cheering on 50+ men and women, pouring out their heart and souls on the iron and concrete

hashtagEntry and payment will be fully automated this year, so no paper is required. Look for the entry form to be live by July 15th. Check this site, the facebook event or the Florida Strongman Facebook Page for that information.

[IMPORTANT] If you would like to ensure you are first in line (and subsequently, last to lift in your weight.age class) you can send you payment in NOW. This will afford you a spot on the roster AS LONG AS YOUR ENTRY IS RECEIVED WITHIN ONE WEEK OF THE FORM BEING RELEASED. To pay the entry fee, see the paypal link in the top right hand corner of this webpage.

We are approximately 16 weeks away! Start planning your training and more importantly, your vacation time to visit sunny Clearwater Florida in October!

Get with the program #newbie



Training for the Tampa Bay Strongman Challenge? Hashtag your videos with #TBSMC so you can share your progress with the strongman community. Also, If you are training for the event and haven’t submitted your entry form yet, SHAME ON YOU! Give yourself solid goal by entering before you train. No turning back now! Train hard, my friends.