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2018 ROMAN & ROMAN Tampa Bay Strongman Classic Entry Form

To download the Strongman Team Entry form click here
Rules and explanation of judging for Team entry HERE
TEAM ENTRY ONLY! Please fill out and Email to: AtlasMarketingMedia@gmail.com with your name and TBSMC Team Entry in the subject


Athlete Capacity:  80 competitors.

In no particular order, weights subject to change.
1- Log Clean and Axle Clean/ Press Medley– One 10.5” Valor Fitness Log and one Axle Loaded with conventional plate weight. Clean the log, then clean and press the Axle, then return to the log, etc. Complete as many reps as possible in 60 seconds.
WNov 120lb/100lb – WLW 140lb/110lb – WHW 180lb/140lb
MNov 230lb/ 200lb- MLW/Mas 260lb/ 220lb – MMW 280lb/240lb MHW 320lb/ 280lb

2- Valor Fitness Overhead slamball toss/Backwards sled drag.You will grip the ball similar to a stone, pick up the ball and toss it over your head/shoulder as many times at it takes to reach the 50ft finish line. Then grab the sled strap and pull/row sled backwards to original starting line. The best time wins. 90 second time limit. Sled weight will be announced on or around Oct. 1st
WNov/WLW 30lb – WHW 40lb
MNov/ MLW/ Masters 50lb – MMW 70lb – MHW 100lb

3- Maximum Effort Hummer Tire Deadlift: 3 attempts, Wessels rule* applies. The bar will move in a minimum of 10lb increments. You will have to give your opening attempt at weigh in’s/check in. 30 seconds to complete the lift (as many attempts in that 30 seconds as needed)

4-Head 2 Head Keg Load. Over a 50″ Yoke: Athlete will have 60 seconds to complete as many reps as possible. While you will be competing against someone in your own class, your score will still be based on the overall class, not just the person you’re going against. No tacky allowed but chalk and tacky towels are. Note, Athlete will complete all reps on their own yoke. (Keg won’t go back and forth between athletes)
WNov 100lb – WLW 125lb – WHW 175lb
MNov 250lb – MLW/Mas 275lb – MMW 300lb – MHW 325lb

Events subject to change 

* if you miss any attempts (after 30 seconds has elapsed) you do not get to continue with the event and your highest weight lifted will be counted


Novice Women (Open)
LW Women(148 and under)
MW/HW Women( 149 and above)
Novice Men (Open)
Masters (Open)
Lightweight (under 220)