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Athlete Capacity:  80 competitors.

Events(subject to change, in no particular order):

  • Max Log Press- *NATIONAL RECORD BREAKER*– Athlete will receive 3 30 second opportunities to clean and press as much weight as they can overhead for on rep. You will have 30 seconds each round to complete the lift. Wessels rule applies. You chose your weight with 5 pound increments. Tie goes to the athlete who completed the weight first (so don’t go for a tie). Elbow sleeves and wrist wraps permitted. 
  • Giant Tire Squat– Competitor will unrack squat bar with tires(and weights, depending on division) and step back. When all athletes (4 at a time) are ready, you will be given a begin command. You will descend until the tires touch an 20″ box under each tire and come up on your own. You will have 60 seconds to complete as many reps as possible. Knee sleeves/wraps/belt/wrist wraps and all other items that would be considered legal in a “classic raw” powerlifting federation. NO SUITS!
    Weights: Squat HW-505, MW-465, LW/Mas-425, MNov-385
    HWW-275, LWW 225 WNov 205
  •  Valor Fitness Medley– 4 Items will be included: Valor Fitness Farmers bars(60′), Yoke (60′), 2-arm chain OH press(1 rep, chains clipped to two separate D handle) and a Hexagon (trap) bar Deadlift (3 reps with a 10.5″ pick). You will have 90 seconds to complete the entire medley. The order of the medley events will be announced at the rules meeting. We will be running 3 lanes, so you will be competing against your direct competitor. Belts, elbow and knee sleeves, wrist wraps allowed. No suits or knee wraps.
    Weights(in no particular order):
    HWM Farmers-285 Yoke-690 Chain-125lb/arm Hex bar-550
    MWM Farmers-245 Yoke-610 Chain-100lb/arm Hex bar-500
    LWM/Mas Farmers-225 Yoke-550 Chain-75lb/arm Hex bar-440
    MNov Farmers-205 Yoke-510 Chain-50lb/arm Hex bar-410
    HWW Farmers-165 Yoke-410 Chain-50lb/arm Hex bar-300
    LWW Farmers-155 Yoke-370 Chain-25lb/arm Hex bar-240
    WNov Farmers 135 Yoke-330 Chain-25lb/arm Hex bar-200
  • Ascending Weight Stone Load to Platform– 5 stone series. All stones within 2 feet of platform. Split times apply. Tacky, sleeves, tape stone shirts permitted. No power pants.  

    LWWomen/WNov: 100, 120, 150, 165 175 Stones
    HW Women 120 150 175 200 220 Stones
    MNov 175, 200, 220, 275 300 Stones
    Mas/LW 200, 220, 275, 300 320 Stones
    MW (Heights same at Mas/LW) 220, 275, 300, 320 365 Stones
    HW (Heights same at Mas/LW) 230, 275, 318, 365 400 Stones

*Weights subject to change!!


Novice Women (Open)
LW Women(148 and under)
MW/HW Women( 149 and above)
Novice Men (Open)
Masters (Open)
Lightweight (under 220)