You have exactly ONE WEEK to get your entry forms in for the 3rd annual ROMAN & ROMAN Tampa Bay Strongman Classic and Miss Fit Angel contest.

As always, there will be NO LATE ENTRIES ALLOWED. This is due to the extreme amount of logistics that go into planning the last few weeks of the show.

So get those entries in TODAY. Anyone who has attended or competed in this event should know how enjoyable it is to compete in front of a few thousand screaming fans.

Visit the entry form tab on this page for all of the details you will need.

7 Weeks out. (Class information)

Here we, are… about 7 weeks out from the competition. We’re over 1/3 full of competitors, with many promises of entries on there way. Just to be clear on a few topics now:

  • I will not accept late entries. I never have and I cant start now. So many things go on behind the scenes to make sure each competitor enjoys the competition and I cant be guessing how many will show up last minute.
  • If the Masters HWY and LWY do not each get 4 competitors by Oct 1, I will combine them and use the LWY weights for the show. As of today, there is one in each class. I offer these classes as a courtesy to the lighter guys that want compete against other light guys, but if minimal people show interest, I have to do whats best for the show.
  • Team slots are available. This does NOT mean you compete in differently, it just means you get judged for personal points AND team points if you are a qualifying member of the team.


Keep the entries coming and continue train smart and hard.