Last Minute Information and A Star is Born!

StrongmanFLYERFINALaddedCAMPHere we are… 2 days away from the summers biggest outdoor strength event. It seems like just yesterday I was posting on the Facebook page that there was only 158 training days left. Throughout that time, many people have been putting in hard work for hours on end to ensure that the crowd, athletes and sponsors are blown away by the show being presented.

I have no doubt that you will be entertained.

Wednesday morning, our shows promoter, Donnie Kiernan and the “LT” Rich Nichols went on the 10 News program and talked about the show and its beneficiary. Check it out by clicking HERE

Also, our competitor bags have been filled by the follow companies:

Please be sure to show your support to these fine companies who support Strongman!!

Here is some last minute information, organized by some bullet points

  • The event begins at 3pm, with the corn-hole contest, fit angel show and strongman show commencing in that order.
  • There will be a lot of things for the entire family to do, so bring them on out
  • While there is NOT an entry fee, please donate whatever you can to the Sand Soldiers of America, as that is what this event is all about.
  • We will be there, rain or shine. The athletes are hell bent on putting on a show for you and so am I. The restaurant is ginormous inside, so if a little rain comes, shelter can be had inside, along with a drink or two.
  • Athlete registration is at 1PM (for the Fit Angels) and 3PM (for the Strongmen). All Strongman athletes must be registered before 4:30… NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • The event will be broadcasted live on Full Throttle Vision, so if you are unable to attend or live out of state, you’ll be able to hear and see what the fans are seeing live.

See you at Quaker Steak & Lube at 3PM THIS Saturday!!!

The Calm Before the Storm

calm-before-the-storm-445x300I know, I know… Given the current situation with TS Whateverhernameis, using the word “storm” in the title is probably tempting the gods, but the truth is, this week is EXACTLY THAT.

The week leading up to the competition is calm from the outside looking in. Little, if any training is being done. You’re probably sleeping a little more than usual and your demeanor is a little less upbeat than a normal Tuesday. To the rest of the world, it seems as if you are “in the zone.”

But in your head, its a COMPLETELY different scenario.

Nerves, anxious thoughts, excitement, fear of the unknown, anxiety, focus and chaos, all sharing a little space in between your ears. This is WHY we compete in a sport that offers nothing but formed pieces of metal and torn flesh as compensation for a job well done. These feelings remind us that we are not only alive, but capable of doing much more than society deems as “enough.” You may work at an office, a restaurant, a construction site or a classroom, but it doesn’t matter on Game Day. On Game Day, everyone is equal. Doctors, Lawyers, students and secretaries… all competing together for one prize.

Victory is all that matters on Game Day.

But for now, keep riding that perceived “calmness” right into the storm that will erupt on Saturday!