The Fit Angels of Tampa Bay are BACK!

Yeah, so this page is all about a strongman show, where mostly large, muscular men duke it out for pride, glory and a sweet ass trophy! That’s great and all, but the highlight of last year’s event was not the big sweaty men, the free stuff in vendor row, or even the bad-ass cars and trucks that entered the show. No, it was the Fit Angels!

Last year's winner, Jamie Barnes

Last year’s winner, Jamie Barnes

These fit athletes got on stage and stole the show, with their excellent conditioning and stunning beauty.

So naturally, we are bringing this one-of-a-kind event back, combining strength, fitness and beauty on the main stage at Quaker Steak & lube.

If you, or someone you know has the courage to step on stage and show off your hard work, click HERE for more information.


Two weeks left to enter!

With the 2nd annual Roman & Roman Tampa Bay Strongman Classic approaching fast, the ranks are filling up just as fast. Check out the Competitors page to see who has already entered and who is still just “talking about it.”

Since I’ve been involved in strength athletics, I’ve seen so many people talk about how much they can lift of how they’d love to compete, but very few actually have the testicular fortitude to throw their hat into the ring and compete for glory. The sport of strongman has very few rewards, besides personal gratification and bragging rights, so its not for the weak of mind or body.

Think you have what it takes? Fill out your entry form, located HERE, and prove it.

Oh by the way, if you succeed in placing first in your class, your physical reward will be this..

The gladiators used to wear intimidating helmets like this, to strike fear into their opponents. What better way to show you mean business, than donning a gladiator helmet, won in the fiercest of battles!