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Training for the Tampa Bay Strongman Challenge? Hashtag your videos with #TBSMC so you can share your progress with the strongman community. Also, If you are training for the event and haven’t submitted your entry form yet, SHAME ON YOU! Give yourself solid goal by entering before you train. No turning back now! Train hard, my friends.

Welcome 50 Legs to the Strongman Family

Reposted from the personal FB of the show’s promoter, Donnie Kiernan

NewLogo_20121022B_300w[1]“I have some big news regarding the Attorney Fran Haasch presents the 2015 Tampa Bay Strongman Classic. Unfortunately, the Sand Soldiers of America, our charitable benefactor for the previous 3 years has disbanded. Yvette personally thanked the show, sponsors and athletes for the support shown from the conception of the event. As with every ending, there is a new beginning and the same is true now. My old friend Steve Chamberland has graciously accepted my offer to have 50 be the beneficiary of this years event. 50 Legs assists amputees (mostly children and veterans) acquire prosthetics, in order to improve their quality of life after a traumatic experience. I look forward to working with Steve, his staff and the veterans hes helped throughout the years on October 24th at Quaker Steak and Lube Clearwater, FL !”

Moving forward with new support!

Good afternoon strongman fans,

Due to many inquiries about the issue, this post is a quick explanation of why the 4th edition of the Tampa Bay Strongman Classic will NOT be title sponsored by Roman & Roman, which has been the namesake since inception.

This year, Atlas Marketing & Media, the group that brought you the 3 previous TBSMC’s the DFP Treasure Coast Strongman Challenge and the ever popular Gorilla Bench Battle of the Bay, decided to team up with previous owner of North American Strongman, Inc. Willie Wessels and his new sanctioning federation, United States Strongman, Inc. This is big for the future of the TBSMC as the USS has international ties with large federations such as “Giants Live” and the famous “Worlds Strongest Man.” What this means is athletes from the USS have an actual shot at working their way up the ranks to compete internationally against the strongest men and women on the planet. Also, the costs to compete in the USS federation is substantially less for the athletes, allowing more opportunity for new competitors to try their hand in the sport.

Due to this change, senior partner of Roman & Roman, Tom Roman, Esq.  has chosen not to continue their involvement with the Tampa Bay Strongman Classic. Mr. Roman stated this in an email to Atlas Marketing & Media earlier this week:


My law firm won’t be sponsoring the 2015-Tampa Bay SM Classic for the reasons I gave you below.  [(from a previous email) …switching federations from NAS n/k/a Strongman Corporation to obtain the contest sanction is something that I have to consider before my firm would agree to sponsor the competition again.]


Thomas A. Roman, Esq.
Roman & Roman, P.A.
2274 State Road 580
Clearwater, FL 33763

I would like to personally thank Mr. Roman and the other law partners for their support of strongman these past few years. I look forward to making new relationships with community business partners and retaining the sponsors who have supported us in the past, along with the athletes who’ve been involved with the show along the way.

Donnie Kiernan
Atlas Marketing & Media

The 2015 edition of the Tampa Bay Strongman Classic

Welcome back, strongman fans!

This years event will be the best one yet. The events are unique, the prizes are always worth taking home and as always, we’re helping out the local veterans via the Sand Soldiers of America. As always, the GREAT people at Quaker Steak & Lube In Clearwater, FL. will be our venue for competition.

Potential Athletes: the entry form is located Here. Please fill it out and email it to Entry fees can only be sent by PayPal or credit / debit card this year. It’s easy to do and you dont need a paypal account to send the money. Entry fees increase by 12 dollars if you wait until late september or early october, so just get your entry in early. $10 from each entry will be donated to the Sand Soldiers organization.

Potential Sponsors: This is the 4th year this show has gone on and each year, it just continues to grow. We have sponsorships available from  the TITLE SPONSOR to the most affordable junior sponsors. As always, we will have an expo area, complete with tents and booths available to advertise your product or service. We expect 2-3 thousand of your local market to be in attendance, watching these men and women compete.


Everyone else: Feel free to come out and enjoy the show these athletes put on. We only ask that you make some kind of donation to the good people at Sand Soldiers of America. Feel free to click on the link in the header to learn more about their organization.



You have exactly ONE WEEK to get your entry forms in for the 3rd annual ROMAN & ROMAN Tampa Bay Strongman Classic and Miss Fit Angel contest.

As always, there will be NO LATE ENTRIES ALLOWED. This is due to the extreme amount of logistics that go into planning the last few weeks of the show.

So get those entries in TODAY. Anyone who has attended or competed in this event should know how enjoyable it is to compete in front of a few thousand screaming fans.

Visit the entry form tab on this page for all of the details you will need.

7 Weeks out. (Class information)

Here we, are… about 7 weeks out from the competition. We’re over 1/3 full of competitors, with many promises of entries on there way. Just to be clear on a few topics now:

  • I will not accept late entries. I never have and I cant start now. So many things go on behind the scenes to make sure each competitor enjoys the competition and I cant be guessing how many will show up last minute.
  • If the Masters HWY and LWY do not each get 4 competitors by Oct 1, I will combine them and use the LWY weights for the show. As of today, there is one in each class. I offer these classes as a courtesy to the lighter guys that want compete against other light guys, but if minimal people show interest, I have to do whats best for the show.
  • Team slots are available. This does NOT mean you compete in differently, it just means you get judged for personal points AND team points if you are a qualifying member of the team.


Keep the entries coming and continue train smart and hard.

The 2014 Entry Form and PayPal Payment is Accepted this Year

After over a years wait and a metric sh*t ton of anticipation, the 2014 Tampa Bay Strongman Classic is officially scheduled for Oct 18th.

The entry form is located at the link below.

If you would like to pay via PayPal this year, and not check by mail, you can do so by clicking the “Buy here” button at the top right hand corner of this page. YOU MUST MAIL OR EMAIL YOUR SIGNED ENTRY FORM ALONG WITH PAYMENT. Payment does NOT guarantee you a spot on the contest roster without the signed entry form.

Until this site is updated, the weights are listed on the Facebook event page located below. While you’re there, go ahead and click the “attending” button, so we can count you in as a competitor or fan.


Stay tuned for more information about this year’s big show.

Last Minute Information and A Star is Born!

StrongmanFLYERFINALaddedCAMPHere we are… 2 days away from the summers biggest outdoor strength event. It seems like just yesterday I was posting on the Facebook page that there was only 158 training days left. Throughout that time, many people have been putting in hard work for hours on end to ensure that the crowd, athletes and sponsors are blown away by the show being presented.

I have no doubt that you will be entertained.

Wednesday morning, our shows promoter, Donnie Kiernan and the “LT” Rich Nichols went on the 10 News program and talked about the show and its beneficiary. Check it out by clicking HERE

Also, our competitor bags have been filled by the follow companies:

Please be sure to show your support to these fine companies who support Strongman!!

Here is some last minute information, organized by some bullet points

  • The event begins at 3pm, with the corn-hole contest, fit angel show and strongman show commencing in that order.
  • There will be a lot of things for the entire family to do, so bring them on out
  • While there is NOT an entry fee, please donate whatever you can to the Sand Soldiers of America, as that is what this event is all about.
  • We will be there, rain or shine. The athletes are hell bent on putting on a show for you and so am I. The restaurant is ginormous inside, so if a little rain comes, shelter can be had inside, along with a drink or two.
  • Athlete registration is at 1PM (for the Fit Angels) and 3PM (for the Strongmen). All Strongman athletes must be registered before 4:30… NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • The event will be broadcasted live on Full Throttle Vision, so if you are unable to attend or live out of state, you’ll be able to hear and see what the fans are seeing live.

See you at Quaker Steak & Lube at 3PM THIS Saturday!!!

The Calm Before the Storm

calm-before-the-storm-445x300I know, I know… Given the current situation with TS Whateverhernameis, using the word “storm” in the title is probably tempting the gods, but the truth is, this week is EXACTLY THAT.

The week leading up to the competition is calm from the outside looking in. Little, if any training is being done. You’re probably sleeping a little more than usual and your demeanor is a little less upbeat than a normal Tuesday. To the rest of the world, it seems as if you are “in the zone.”

But in your head, its a COMPLETELY different scenario.

Nerves, anxious thoughts, excitement, fear of the unknown, anxiety, focus and chaos, all sharing a little space in between your ears. This is WHY we compete in a sport that offers nothing but formed pieces of metal and torn flesh as compensation for a job well done. These feelings remind us that we are not only alive, but capable of doing much more than society deems as “enough.” You may work at an office, a restaurant, a construction site or a classroom, but it doesn’t matter on Game Day. On Game Day, everyone is equal. Doctors, Lawyers, students and secretaries… all competing together for one prize.

Victory is all that matters on Game Day.

But for now, keep riding that perceived “calmness” right into the storm that will erupt on Saturday!

The Fit Angels of Tampa Bay are BACK!

Yeah, so this page is all about a strongman show, where mostly large, muscular men duke it out for pride, glory and a sweet ass trophy! That’s great and all, but the highlight of last year’s event was not the big sweaty men, the free stuff in vendor row, or even the bad-ass cars and trucks that entered the show. No, it was the Fit Angels!

Last year's winner, Jamie Barnes

Last year’s winner, Jamie Barnes

These fit athletes got on stage and stole the show, with their excellent conditioning and stunning beauty.

So naturally, we are bringing this one-of-a-kind event back, combining strength, fitness and beauty on the main stage at Quaker Steak & lube.

If you, or someone you know has the courage to step on stage and show off your hard work, click HERE for more information.